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EPS is easy to recycle and NO CFCs of HCFCs were ever used in EPS manufacture


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Aqua-Pak was incorporated in 1986 in response to a need that was developing for insulating packaging for the burgeoning salmon farming industry. Operations commenced in 1987 in a plant in Surrey, B.C. Aqua-Pak is the largest EPS shape molder in the Pacific Northwest.

Seafood Packaging

The company designs and produces packaging systems that became the standard in the industry, not only in B.C. but in other parts of the world, and quickly became known in the western United States and Canada as the specialist in insulated seafood packaging. In less than a year, shippers of live and fresh seafood were adopting the optimized Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Styro Box® developed by Aqua-Pak, and the company became the dominant force in packaging for the aquaculture industry.

Construction Products

The company has expanded its markets into the construction field. In 1994, Aqua-Pak started manufacturing the patented Quad-Lock® Insulated Concrete Forms. In addition to its success in North American markets, steady growth throughout Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world testify to increasing interest and growth.

Aqua-Pak also manufactures EPS insulation "beadboard", Geofoam, and Floatation billets marketed under the name Airfoam.

EPS Molding

Aqua-Pak is a specialist in both EPS "shape molding" of complicated shapes, primarily for packaging, and in "block molding" producing large EPS blocks which are used as geofoam and floation billets, or sliced into boards used for wall, roof, and slab insulation.

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Quality Policy

Through Customer Focus and Continuous Improvement
we nurture a culture designed to Exceed Customer Expectations.

Quality is the foundation for our success. Success is the security for our future.

Environmental Policy

We aim to Reduce our Impact on the Environment
by Preventing Pollution through Continuous Improvement.

We help our packaging customers achieve outstanding Logistics Efficiency and our construction customers to enjoy amazing Comfort and Reductions in Life-Cycle Costs & Emissions. We embrace our responsibility to act as a good corporate citizen and environmental stewards.

ISO 9001 & 14001 Certificates