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We’re passionate about protecting your product


Packaging and protecting over 100,000 metric tons of goods annually.

With excellent insulation plus moisture & shock resistance, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products are ideally suited for packaging of perishable and valuable goods. Globally, about a third of the food produced for human consumption goes to waste – which means that a third of the water, land, energy and financial resources that went into producing it are also squandered. For perspective, over 100 billion pounds of food, or more than a quarter of the 400 billion pounds of edible food, is spoiled each year during transport. When it comes to protecting food, medical and valuable goods, the right package can dramatically reduce damage & waste and have a major positive impact on the environment.

Our Products

We’ve got you covered – durable packaging that protects.

Moving your products from the source to the consumer requires a diverse range of protective packaging solutions. Whether you are transporting fresh food, valuable pharmaceutical/medical products or durable goods like appliances, we help create a protective solution to prevent damage throughout the rigors & potential delays of distribution. Aqua-Pak Boxes keep your temperature-sensitive products cold for days with minimal coolant. Custom OEM packaging protects heavy and complex shapes with excellent cushioning capabilities.

“In the many years that we have used Aqua-Pak boxes, we have sent fresh and frozen fish to every continent in the world. Our guests are consistently pleased with the results and so are we.”   Rick Chapple, Operations Manager, April Point Lodge & Fishing Resort

“Salmon farming is a path to self-determination and reconciliation for many First Nations in coastal BC.”   First Nations for Finfish Stewardship,