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Branding on Aqua-Pak Insulated Boxes

More than just packaging

Aqua-Pak works with customers to create & deliver product solutions that meet numerous requirements for complex situations. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products insulate, absorb shocks and high loading, and resist moisture with low environmental impacts.

Aqua-Pak also offers:

  • Custom Branding – boost your brand awareness with beautiful color printing or slight embossing
  • Packaging Consulting & Design – use our expertise to identify exact packaging needs and design a custom tailored solution
  • Logistics – ease your workload with Aqua-Pak arranging transportation using our network of carriers
  • EPS Recycling – drop off your clean & segregated EPS and we’ll take care of the rest

Food & Pharma Packaging

Of all of the ways expanded polystyrene (EPS) protects valuable resources, cold chain packaging stands out with exceptional performance, particularly for goods that are very sensitive to changes in temperature. Aqua-Pak’s Boxes are an ingenious solution thanks to multiple intrinsic properties: insulation performance, moisture & shock resistance, high loading capacity, super-light weight and food-contact safety. To ensure that perishable cargo does not become damaged or spoiled throughout the sometimes days-long transport process, the seafood, agricultural, pharmaceutical and medical industries rely on Aqua-Pak Boxes in their cold chains.

Custom Packaging & OEM Components

Custom EPS foam packaging offers great protection, value & flexibility for your packaging requirement. We can also produce custom OEM components for your products, primarily used for insulation.

EPS products are lightweight, offer high energy absorption when subjected to impact, prevent sudden temperature changes due to outstanding thermal insulation, resist moisture and are 100% recyclable where facilities exist.

Horti- & Silviculture

Seedling Trays are innovative silviculture & horticulture growing systems for healthier plants and efficient operations. Primarily used for rural & urban reforestation and Christmas trees, the trays feature specially designed growing cells to aid growth and extraction.

Insulated Concrete Forms Beach Home

Construction & Insulation

Our subsidiary Airfoam manufactures sustainable, durable and budget-friendly building insulation, geofoam, flotation and other EPS product solutions. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a closed cell, rigid foam that uses air as main ingredient while many competing insulation materials use HCFC or HFC – Greenhouse Gases that the world agreed to ban.