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why EPS

Responsible lightweight packaging

With about a quarter of all edible food getting spoiled each year during transport, insulating & protective packing can dramatically reduce damage and waste with a resulting major positive impact on the environment, especially when recycled. EPS recycling facilities are available in many parts of the continent.

EPS is about 98% air providing high insulation and strength-to-weight ratios that minimize fuel and transportation impacts. And numerous Environmental Impact Analyses reported that its impacts are lower than most comparable packaging materials.

Insulated Transport Packaging Solutions by Aqua-Pak

Engineered for flawless performance.

The main objective of transport packaging is to preserve and protect a product from damage all the way to delivery to the consumer. Choosing the right packaging material requires a balance of many factors, including food-contact & moisture considerations, insulation, ease of handling & stack-ability, weight, cushioning characteristics, customer requirements, cost and more. EPS packaging offers a broad range of physical properties to meet the many challenges of protection and distribution.

Why choose EPS over pulp or cardboard?